Steve Giovannetti

Hi @manton, is there a long lead time to enabling Mastodon? I have an ssl hosted domain pointed at Just want to make sure I don’t have something misconfigured.

Demon Deer

My Hobonichi Remaining pages dwindling It’s replacement ready

I missed day 365 but damn I’m pretty proud of making it this far. Now if I can only earn that “Eating Less” badge.

Nice try Hacker Man….

Without a doubt my favorite purchase at Comicon.

Getting a excited about NY Comicon. This is the third year in a row that my daughter and I are attending together. Next year she’s off to college. I hope our tradition will survive but part of me knows how these things go. She’s the youngest of my three children.

Top 3 strangest songs that choke me up:

  1. Baby Blue - Badfinger
  2. Warfrat - The Grateful Dead
  3. Long Live Rock - The Who

Trying to steal a few moments of roaming around alien planets while I wait for the drizzle to stop and….. 20 minutes of waiting for an update….sigh

The Dockmaster’s Shack, Barnegat Light, NJ

Paddled about 40 minutes to a small secluded cove off the inlet at Barnegat Light. Such a beautiful spot. My only company were a few sea gulls and cormorants feeding off the small fish in the water. Collected some odd bits of plastic to leave the place cleaner than it was before I got there. I like to think this kind of cleanup makes a difference. After all, I didn’t use to do this but was inspired by an older couple who regularly picked up plastic while they walked up and down the beach.

Apple released a solid line if phones yesterday but I didn’t see anything that makes it imperative for me to ditch my iPhone X. As long as my will power holds out, I’m holding off upgrading this year. Will definitely go “max” next September.

I love my current iPhone X. It’s perfect. Even the notch. Will Apple release something today to tempt me to open up my wallet? I’m not sure. I won’t know for sure until later in the day. I’m on site with a customer all day so won’t be able to watch the event live. Hoping there are new software features that my X and Series 3 Apple Watch can leverage without new hardware but I’m not that confident in that outcome. 🍎📱⌚️

You’d think he’d take off as I approached but this is a NJ Raccoon. They pretty much don’t give a damn.

Interesting analysis of the Will Wheaton/Mastodon incident.

Mastodon and the challenges of abuse in a federated system

Currently reading “The Rook” by Daniel O’Malley. 📚

Millions of tiny salps in the water today. It’s like the ocean is full of bath beads. Harmless but makes for an interesting swim. Takes your mind off the large stingrays surfing the waves. Also harmless but they give me the heebee-geebees when they sneak up on you from below. 🌊

Wearing this band makes me feel like a retro future astronaut.

Ordered my Hobonichi Cousin this morning. No cover yet. Still deciding. May just order a A5 Seed. 🖋📚

The waters off coastal NJ are ridiculously warm. Going to be a crazy hurricane season. 🌊

Spicy Fried Chicken and Donut — Founding Farmers - Reston

Fuck Your Feelings is a remarkable episode of the Love & Radio Podcast. I found it to be profoundly disturbing yet enlightening. I struggle mightily to understand Trump supporters. This at least gives me an insight into the psychology of some. The desire to simplify daily existence seems like a key motivator. It’s a desire driven not by fear but fatigue in dealing with the world as it is. Of course that’s great if your cis, white, and well off. If not the reality of the world has a way of hitting you in the face with a 2x4 on a constant basis. Winding the cultural clock back to the 1950s is a shitty idea.

This is interesting. Addresses the main issue Keybase is trying to fix. Keylist RFC: Distributing OpenPGP Keys with Signed Keylist Subscriptions